Creating Plugins

One of the core features of lightGallery is the ability extend or modify functionalities using plugins. In this article, we will see how we can create plugins for lightGallery

Build process

You can skip this step is you are not using lightGallery build system to create lightGallery plugins

  • Add the new plugin configuration to the plugins-config-rollup.json file in the following format
    "name": "autoplay",
    "folder": "plugins/autoplay/",
    "fileName": "lg-autoplay"

This helps lightGallery to generate required rollup config files for your new plugin

  • Navigate to src/plugins folder
  • Create plugin ts file for the plugin lg-autoplay.ts
  • Run LG_PLUGINS=['autoplay'] npm start to start the build process in watch mode
  • Navigate to site/ folder and run npm run start to see the preview cd site && npm run start
  • You might need to include the compiled JavaScript and CSS files in thesite/layouts/partials/footer/script-footer.html and site/layouts/partials/head/stylesheet.html respectively

Plugin structure

Plugins have access to the current lightGallery instance. Also, it provide a utility for DOM manipulation. For examples, you can take a look at the existing plugin’s source code You can find the basic structure of lightGallery plugins below

// Dom manipulation utility module from lightGallery
import { LgQuery } from '../../lgQuery';
// lightGallery core
import { LightGallery } from '../../lightgallery';
import { AutoplaySettings, autoplaySettings } from './lg-medium-zoom-settings';

export default class MediumZoom {
    core: LightGallery;
    settings: AutoplaySettings;
    private $LG!: LgQuery;
    constructor(instance: LightGallery, $LG: LgQuery) {
        // get lightGallery core plugin instance
        this.core = instance;

        this.$LG = $LG;

        // extend module default settings with lightGallery core settings
        this.settings = { ...autoplaySettings, ...this.core.settings };

        return this;

    // Do not call init function in constructor
    // lightGallery will automatically call init at the right time
    init(): void {
        if (this.settings.autoplay) {
            // Write your awesome stuff

    // Cleanup plugin
    destroy(): void {}

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